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The acoustic rock group, THE FULL JONTY, was put together in the fall of 2003 to play the original vocal and instrumental material of Jonty Parker-Jervis ... and not to try to cash in on some cheap, fleshy extravaganza, although that's not a bad idea if the music thing doesn't work out.

Born in Edmonton, Jonty balanced his childhood as a Suzuki (School of Music) brat with a steady diet of The Beatles on the side. During his 20s, he formed a rock band in which he sang lead and played electric violin, and in the early 90s, Jonty relocated to Victoria where he (re)discovered acoustic music, and co-founded the Celtic / folk rock Walter Bodega Band, playing the violin / fiddle and sharing lead vocal duties.

After 20 years of songwriting, and with over 1500 fully-clothed live shows under his belt, except for that one time, Jonty is an experienced and accomplished musician and performer.

Joining Jonty in the group are David Klassen on upright bass, Chris Logan on guitar, violin and tamboura, and a couple of talented percussionists (one at a time), Jon Eng, and Fred Power.

David began playing electric bass years ago, and the upright bass after moving to Victoria in the 90s.. and he intends to keep on playing it until he gets it right. The acoustic bass opened up many musical genres to him: classical, swing, jug-band, Bluegrass and Celtic. His bass playing is, and has been, an integral part of many groups including the Victoria Mandolin Orchestra, Rig-A-Jig and Mandolerium.

Demonstrating great musical prowess at a young age, Chris Logan's parents, showing obvious contempt for humanity, gave him an accordion. It has taken 20 painstaking years to bring him back into society, but we think he'll be alright. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Chris has played the guitar and violin, to name only two, in a variety of ensembles including the Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra.

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